Welcome to HAI’s Medium Channel! This is our first post so we would like to share with our readers and followers what we are all about, here at HAI.


So just imagine this. You bought crypto assets and are well diversified with your coins. Then suddenly the market has a major correction and everything you own is down 30–40%. Sound familiar? At HAI, we believe there is a simple solution to this problem. While it is impossible to avoid the volatility of the crypto market entirely, there are certainly ways to minimize risk with investing in crypto. HAI aims to provide you, the user, with a tokenized ETF token that will hold the top performing assets in different sectors of the crypto space. We see the making of crypto asset ETFs not only making it easier for novice investors to gain exposure to a lot of tokens all at once, but also as a stepping stone for the maturity of this extremely young asset class.


HAI is the first decentralized asset management organization enabling the creation and redemption of tokenized ETFs. The HAII governance token is designed to offer a decentralized asset management while obtaining the benefits of centralized finance. HAII token holders will be able to vote on the contents of the ETFs and the protocol that manages the ETFs. Currently, HAI is in the process of setting up 5 ETFs that cover multiple sectors of the crypto market.


First we have HAIBC. This was made to hold Blue Chip names in crypto. Each crypto asset in HAIBC is a dominant project and disrupter of the space. Next, HAID will provide a way to get into the new and upcoming market of decentralized finance. This ETF will hold the best Decentralized Finance assets in the market and will not be tied down to only one chain. HAIN is the NFT ETF. We are particularly excited about this one as we see the use case for NFTs on blockchain will be very innovative as the technology evolves. HAIG is made to provide investors with insights on what could become the next Blue Chip crypto. HAIG targets small to mid-cap assets and seeks explosive growth from them due to their innovative nature. HAISC was made as the perfect hedge against inflation. While fiat dollars are losing value and many countries are giving negative yields on bonds, it is interesting to think if some larger investors or institutions will begin to park their money in stable coins as a way to beat inflation. With many analysts even seeing US Bonds eventually going to zero percent yield, stable coins may be attractive for investors. Currently, there are five ETFs under DAO management, however we expect this number to change with the evolution of the DAO.


Although the market may seem to be in peril. We look to be a beacon of light that will bring you knowledge and information that can save you from the hardships of losing money on an investment. Through the use of ETFs, proper asset allocations, and knowledge about this very new and complex market some people can be very well off in the next 10–15 years. It will not be easy and there will be a lot of shake outs along the way however, gaining information from the right sources and making the right investments you will be able to succeed.

We would like to thank you for reading our first blog post. We will post weekly about our project, the crypto market, the advantage of investing using vehicles like ETFs, educational tips on how to navigate your way through this tricky asset class and much more.

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Hedge Against Inflation (HAI) is the first DAO-operated Asset Management Organization (DAMO)