2 min readMay 3, 2022


HAI DAMO is launching on Avalanche!


Current state of Polygon

While no blockchain is perfect, we want to ensure the best user experience possible for our users. Unfortunately, it is apparent it is not in the best interest of the protocol to stay on Polygon with the current state of the network as competition increases throughout the space.

With that being said, we will be launching $DAMO on Avalanche.

The switch to Avalanche (C-Chain)

The Total-Value Locked on Avalanche has seen tremendous growth in the past year. We are excited to join the Avalanche community and begin deepening liquidity throughout the ecosystem. While multi-chain DIVs and cross-chain gauges are on our roadmap, we feel the move to Avalanche will allow us to accelerate our growth.

It’s hard for us to contain our excitement for this transition as we feel Avalanche can offer us the optimal conditions for germination. The ecosystem is spirited and shows significant potential for growth, all of which we hope to capture through our DIVs. Ultimately, DIV liquidity acquisition is how $DAMO will prove its worth which is why it is vital that the underlying ecosystem is animated and proactive. For us, the logical choice was Avalanche

How will it work?

A snapshot has occurred @ a price of $0.044 per DAMO. This will be the start price on $AVAX.

Liquidity will be added on $AVAX moments before liquidity is pulled on Polygon. After, a snapshot will be taken of all $DAMO holders, therefore, if you do not hold any $DAMO once liquidity is pulled, you will not receive tokens on Avalanche. Users will be airdropped their tokens on the Avalanche based on their holdings on polygon at 1:1 ratio. From there you will be able to enjoy an enhanced user experience on the Avalanche network!


  • Launch on AVAX at $0.044 (TraderJoe)
  • Receive DAMO on AVAX at 1:1 ratio
  • Liquidity being pulled on QuickSwap @ 6pm EST

What to expect next:

We will continue to release updates throughout the process! See you all on $AVAX 🔺


HAI DAMO is a DAO-operated Asset Management Organization building decentralized investment vehicles. Decentralized Investment Vehicles or DIVs repurpose idle LP tokens to create collateral-backed, risk optimized, yield generating assets.


App: app.haidamo.io

Twitter: twitter.com/thehaidamo

Discord: discord.gg/Jk4Wcak3xk

Website: haidamo.io




Hedge Against Inflation (HAI) is the first DAO-operated Asset Management Organization (DAMO)