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An Update on the Launch of $DAMO

The $DAMO community offering began on January 5th and was planned to conclude at 11:59pm EST on January 6th. In the event of launching our community offering, a play to earn game clogged the network with a bunch of bots farming for $SFF.

01/05 4:19pm EST https://polygonscan.com/gastracker

This has resulted in the user experience on Polygon drastically declining in a day. The day in which we have chosen for our community offering. As a result of this situation, we have ultimately decided to keep our community offering open for an extra 24 hours. The community offering will continue until 11:59pm EST on January 7th.

As the unforeseeable has enacted in inconvenience, we will be holding off the launch of the initial liquidity pool till January 9th, 11am EST. This is to ensure a smooth launch and better user experience when interacting with QuickSwap pools.


  • Polygon network clogged from bots on Play2Earn game
  • Community offering extended to 11:59pm EST on January 7th
  • Initial Liquidity Pool opening up on January 9th 11am EST
  • 30d Liquidity Mining campaign (High APYs)

Network Issues

At the time of writing, 39.74% of the network in the last 5 minutes is being used up by this contract. This has resulted in various issues including bridging, approving assets, and swapping assets.

With users’ funds stuck in bridges and transactions not going through due to the spikes in gas prices, we would like to give users both time and the opportunity to enjoy a smooth user experience when interacting with our application or QuickSwap pools.

Gas Spikes


Above is an example of suggested gas pricing increasing by 120 Gwei in 15 seconds. Yesterday, we saw spikes ranging from 550 Gwei to 4500 Gwei. This results in a lot of users’ transactions getting “lost” and a poor user experience.

Details about the community offering:

You must be whitelisted or whalelisted to participate

Pool 2

  • Offering price is $0.3968
  • 664,716 tokens left at time of writing

Users who participate in the community offering will receive 25% of their tokens on January 9th at 11am EST when the initial liquidity pool opens up. We are opening a liquidity pool in which we are contributing 50K to allow enough liquidity to be traded with minimal slippage, as well as leaving the door open for community members to LP themselves and still receive a sizable return. We will add the 50K throughout the day in order to not front-run any potential liquidity providers. We will also be launching a liquidity mining campaign offering up to 250% APY with more details to follow next blog post.

Initial Stage

When launched, the $DAMO token will offer an initial liquidity mining campaign for 30d to allow the community to bootstrap liquidity. From there we will begin to roll out the platform in phases over the course of the next 4 months. (Once $DAMO is listed on CoinGecko, we can launch the LM campaign)

Phase 1

Phase 1 will begin with the launch of our staking platform. Staking will initially be designed to align incentives across the HAI DAMO ecosystem as well as establish a structure for a well balanced governance model.

Phase 2

Phase 2 will roll out capitalization for liquidity providers. At the end of our initial liquidity mining campaign, Liquidity Providers will have the option to remain providing liquidity or exchange their LP tokens to our treasury for discounted DAMO tokens.

Phase 3

Phase 3 will roll out our initial Blue Chip or $HAIBC token in which users will be able to provide collateral to mint $HAIBC. The $HAIBC token is a tokenized derivative in which tracks a basket of assets giving users exposure to the top “Blue Chip” crypto assets.


Website: https://haidamo.io

App: https://app.haidamo.finance

Discord: https://discord.gg/scqnY6VdPF

Twitter: https://twitter.com/thehaidamo

White Paper: https://hai-damo-1.gitbook.io/docs/


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